Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hobe Sound Community Presbyterian Church

The above picture is of the Hobe Sound Community Presbyterian Church located on Zeus Park and I want to thank my friend, Karen Metzger, for taking me there to see it a few days ago. This church is really beautiful and charming. They have a website that tells the history of the unique paintings on the interior ceiling seen below. Aren't these rafters wonderful?Each panel was hand painted as described on the church website:

"During the 1956 renovation of the Sanctuary the ceiling panels were painted. Henry LaCagnina, a local artist painted in oils flowers of the Bible in the corners of each panel and flowers native to Florida in the centers. In his own unique way he painted the flowers from scaffolding, lying on his back much like Michelangelo in the Sistine chapel of Rome."

This view is from the courtyard:


Anonymous said...

Doreen, the church is really nice. The ceiling tiles are unbelieveable. Kim Z.

Doreen said...

Hi Kim - I look forward to painting this church - from the outside - but the inside is great too! Painting those tiles must have been hard work.