Saturday, November 1, 2008

Apparently I've been neglecting my blog. Time does have a way of getting away from me and there never seems to be enough of it.

My project came about while attending a workshop last spring. The workshop was a professional development workshop for artists held at the Lighthouse Center for the Arts. It sure was uplifting and inspiring to spend time with like minded people and get focused on what we wanted to accomplish. We had to really think (not an easy task) about a particular thing and then make a plan. Right then and there! If you know any other artsy types you know that is sort of a new concept and yet we all came up with something.

Labeling something as a project isn't new to the art world but maybe new to Hobe Sound and some people are not quite sure of it.

My thought was that I knew I wanted to spend the year painting Hobe Sound, but I needed to get more people involved. In fact, I thought it would be just the greatest thing to let people who don't paint have a say in what I painted. Non painters hardly ever get to choose the scene, they just accept what is already done. So, the Hobe Sound Project was born and all I needed was a place to exhibit the results.

Some people think that if they tell me about a place that they are obligated in some way and I want to assure people that they are definitely not obligated in any way. This is a fun project that I have merely invited you to take part in.

Thanks to many people, I've uncovered some interesting places and also have a plan of attack.

The thing that really made the whole project gel though was my contact with Molly's House and their willingness to give me a solo show.

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