Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Hobe Sound Project

Welcome to my blog about The Hobe Sound Project! If you are here then you may already know me and have heard something about my painting project.

First let me introduce myself. My name is Doreen E. Lepore, an Artist/Framer living in Hobe Sound, FL. Most of my paintings are either done in pastels or oils and my favorite method is to paint from life.

Painting on location, plein air (the fancy french term), is almost like fishing. You go out and find a good spot. Get your gear out. Slather on the sunscreen and bug repellent. Put on your hat. Then you go into this sort of fishing trance until you are done and hope you catch a good one.

From August 2008 until March 2009 I'll be painting your favorite places in and around Hobe Sound, FL. In April 2009 Molly's House in Stuart, FL will be hosting my exhibit of all the completed paintings. A large portion of any proceeds will be donated to Molly's House because there is nothing better than supporting a worthy cause and I really appreciate the use of their space to exhibit the completed Hobe Sound Project. As we get closer to April I'll let you know the exact date of the show opening.

Now all I need is for you to tell me what your favorite place in Hobe Sound is and I will go paint it on location. Some larger paintings will be done in studio, just for the fun of it. The painting you see at the top of this page is a favorite view of mine called "The Marsh" 12x18 Pastels. Where is your favorite view in Hobe Sound?

Please post your ideas in the comments section or send me an email at Thanks!


Dona said...

Doreen, Congratulations on launching this wonderful project! I know the amount of work it takes to make blogs and websites happen. I don't remember ever meeting you but you certainly have a sense of humor (I can tell from your first comments here). I would love to help publicize your project on my new website (and email newsletter). I'm kicking off the new website in September but you can see the work in progress at I will be happy to link to your project...Let's get together soon to the meantime...enjoy!

Dona O said...

Oh...I forgot to mention my favorite spot in Hobe Sound for painting and/or photography - the Hobe Sound Federal Refuge off of Route 1 right before you drive into Hobe Sound. The Hobe Sound Nature Center shares the spot with the Refuge, check out their new website:

I often take people there to make photographic portraits. It is beautiful and quiet once you walk down the steps to the Intracoastal with mangroves and white sand and a beautiful skyline. There is also another area of the Refuge where you can walk through the woods which are covered in pine needles. There are several different "ecosystems" there. It is a special place.

PS...let's keep it as much as a secret as we can to keep it beautiful and quiet while encouraging other people to visit.

Doreen said...

Hi Dona - I think we have met - some time ago to talk about photographing art work.

Thanks a lot and of course you can help publicize my project. Thanks too for the location tip - I'll definitely go there!

Hope to see you sometime soon!